Phone Stands a Game-Changer For Users

Why do people use phone stands?

A quick search of Amazon reveals over 50 brands of desk-top cell phone stands.  They are getting more users every day who decide that their phone experience is improved by the phone screen facing them when at rest, instead of laying flat on a table.  Beyond that, with a good stable stand, it is quickly learned that being able to comfortably Use their phones while still resting on the stand is a game-changer by freeing up the holding-hand.  Suddenly phones become conveniently useful with only one hand, and more comfortable for your neck and would-be holding-arm.

5 top reasons why to choose a PhoneSphinx for your phone stands.

  1. Ease of Adjustability.

PhoneSphinx is one of the few stands which allow adjusting phone position without adjusting the stand.  It’s not of hinges like many, it instead has multiple slots to simply drop the phone into every adjustment position.

  1. Stability during real-world touch screen use.

It is truly amazing how such a simple product effectively holds phones upright so securely through aggressive touch/swipe use in all adjustment positions and at all screen touch/swipe points.

  1. Durable while gentle.

PhoneSphinx’ innovative structural design makes them amazingly strong and last indefinitely, while they won’t scratch your phone or furniture as it is of gentle paperboard, think jigsaw puzzle.  But it holds up to abuse such as accidental spills or even dunks, just let it dry and it will be as good as new.

  1. Vibrant Style.

The unique design and material display vibrant diverse imagery which can be subtle or reflect your personality or mood.

  1. Portability.

With the ability to un-fold to flat again and fit in a wallet or notebook, they are very portable, so you can bring them everywhere, and even choose from your favorites to change each day like a fashion accessory. 

Extra Credit:  Made in USA, and made responsibly.  These are not manufactured at a far-off location to hide environmental and social irresponsibility, they are all made in the United States at a responsible factory that is good to its people and its planet.


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